Project 1352

Project 1352 St. Louis - San Francisco (Frisco) Railway 2-8-2 steam locomotive #1352 is the American Steam Railroad's steam locomotive project.  We will be restoring the locomotive to operation in the Historic B&O Roundhouse in Cleveland Ohio, not only for the sake of running train trips, but to use as an educational tool.  This will allow folks to see an example of the magnificent machines that were once the backbone of American industry and commerce.

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About #1352 
Built in 1912 for the Frisco by the American Locomotive Works, locomotive #1352 began life as 2-8-0 Consolidation type #1321.  Short on cash and in need of more modern steam motive power during World War II, the Frisco rebuilt the engine into a 2-8-2 Mikado type locomotive, complete with stretched boiler, modified tender, Coffin feedwater heater, and other modern steam improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and improving horsepower.  After being retired by the Frisco in the late 1950's, the engine spend time in numerous states.  #1352 eventually found its way to a long disused enginehouse in rural Illinois.  The American Steam Railroad purchased the locomotive from this location, mostly disassembled, in 2008.
Locomotive Specifications
Locomotive Number : 1352 Tender Capacity
Wheel Arrangement : 2-8-2
Water : 10,700 gal
Coal : 18 tons
Length : 84'-4 7/8"
Drivers : 63" dia.
Weight on Drivers : 225,600 lbs.
Total Locomotive Weight : 322,600 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight : 530,100 lbs.
Grate Area : 50.3 sq. ft.
Cylinders : (2) 26" x 30"
Boiler Pressure : 195 psi
Tractive Effort w/o Booster : 53,355 lbs.
Tractive Effort w/ booster : 63,355 lbs.

Feb 21

While #1352 looks a bit forlorn in this picture from 2008, better days are ahead.  ASR is currently raising money to move the locomotive to Ohio for restoration to operational status.

Feb 21

Here's #1352's sister, Frisco locomotive #1351, in Collierville Tennessee.  This picture gives you a slight idea of what the locomotive will look like when we get her back together.

Feb 21

After being rescued by its former owner
1352 is being move to Illinois for its
rebuild that started but never got

Apr 20 at 10:10pm
Lots of work to do. Details
Apr 20 at 10:13pm
Waiting to see the light of day again. Details
Apr 20 at 10:14pm
Let's get to work. Details
Feb 03 at 1:00am

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