A 1912 graduate of the American Locomotive Works, Frisco locomotive no. 1352 began life as 2-8-0 Consolidation-type and during World War II was rebuilt to series 1350-1356 with stretched boilers, modified tenders, and new steam technology aimed at increasing efficiency and improving horsepower.

No. 1352 was preserved in numerous states after retirement in the late 1950s, and sat disassembled in Illinois until purchased by the American Steam Railroad in 2008.

To date, No. 1352 has received important maintenance and reassembly in preparation for its eventual shipment to a restoration site. Initial visual inspections render the locomotive to be in reasonable condition.

In addition, ASR has cleared extensive overgrown trees and brush from the yard leads to 1352’s storage site, making it accessible by rail once again.

More news about the status of No. 1352 is coming in several weeks.

Wheel Arrangement: 2-8-2 Mikado
Length: 84′-4 7/8″
Drivers: 63″
Weight on Drivers: 225,600 lbs.
Locomotive & Tender Weight: 530,100 lbs.
Grate Area: 50.3 sq. ft.
Cylinders: (2) 26″ x 30″
Boiler Pressure: 195 psi
Tractive Effort w/o Booster: 53,355 lbs.
Tractive Effort w/ booster: 63,355 lbs.
Water : 10,700 gal Coal: 18 tons