Creating incredible experiences inspired by the golden age of railroading.


By aspiring to be a progressive leader in our industry, the American Steam Railroad will ensure steam locomotives and historic railway equipment will operate and be preserved for future generations.

In the early 1800’s, a new sound echoed across America.

It was the steam whistle, flying along atop a steam locomotive, and with these incredible machines came a great step forward in American technology.

From tiny contraptions wheezing along at little more than a brisk walk’s pace to huge modern machines blasting through town at over 100 miles per hour, the steam locomotive’s 150 years of service completely revitalized our country’s travel and commerce.

Technology continued to progress and by the middle of the 20th Century the steam locomotive was replaced by more efficient machinery. The diesel-electric locomotives that continue to power our country’s rail system may be more economically desirable, but they’ll never match the steam locomotive for character and sheer wow factor.

As our modern world continues to make great advances forward in technology, the American Steam Railroad Preservation Association thinks it’s important to take a look back at how we arrived here..

In 2005, a group of engineers, businessmen, and railroaders came together to start the Association. Our goal was not just to preserve and operate historic trains, but to make them relevant to today’s society. The steam locomotive can still inspire and amaze people like no other machine can.

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