Lionel sponsors Fire Up 2100

In 2015, Lionel teamed with the American Steam Railroad (ASR) to create new measurements and documentation for their new Reading T-1 models.
Featured on pages 42 and 43 of Lionel’s new catalog, model railroads everywhere can own Reading no. 2100 as part of Lionel’s LEGACY STEAM product line.

“Two mighty Northerns grace the catalog this year, starting with the Reading T1. Lionel is working with the American Steam Railroad to ensure the accuracy of this completely retooled model – now available for the first time with LEGACY and Whistle Steam.”

In return, Lionel has featured the Fire Up 2100 project in its marketing materials and to a mailing list of over 25,000 customers. You can order the 2100 model here.

ASR looks forward to its ongoing partnership with Lionel and other sponsors in 2016. Additional news about matching grant opportunities will be available in February.

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