Roundhouse Work Session Report for – July, 2016

Work Report

We had an interesting day that started out with some corrective issues.  Contractor Dan Pluta joined us and reviewed our current progress.  We discussed several things including trying to resolve the air leak in the dry pipe.We could not find anything definitive as to why it was leaking  so we replaced the gasket with a softer rubber material and reassembled the dry pipe cover.  Dan crawled into the boiler for a quick inspection and found a couple things to do so it was decided not to seal the steam dome back up but to do the interior boiler work next week and possibly the copper gasket will be down by then and we can seal the steam dome.

We spent the rest of the day testing auxiliary equipment.  We pressurized the turret with air and charged the compressors, and water pumps, rotated the lubricators and generally went over the locomotive equipment.  Still working toward the annual hydro test, we had removed a high pressure steam plug from one of the relief ports to measure for machining.  Dan Pluta is going to machine an additional adapter and three caps for the relief valve ports.  Air compressors on both side of the locomotive were lubed, cycled, and performed well


The following volunteers attended Saturday’s work session:

  • Gordon Hartschuh
  • Greg Brown
  • Tiffany Saultz
  • Eric Kapusta
  • Rick Owings


  • Dan Pluta

Upcoming Work Session Tasks:

The following tasks are planned for upcoming work sessions in July, August, and September including:

  • Install copper gasket and seal the steam dome
  • Complete an initial air test and fix any remaining detected leaks
  • Complete a hydrostatic test and fix all detected leaks
  • Remove dynamo from the tender to get it out of the weather
  • Bring main crank rods into roundhouse for inspection
  • Clean all journals and axle bearings
  • Clean up rods and linkages
  • Start to polish linkage arms in place
  • Tighten linkage bolts and install cotter keys
  • Continue taking UT readings and record for analysis.
  • Install relief valves once hydro test is completed
  • Drain and clean all lubricators
  • Pressure test lubricator output
  • Remove red 3M adhesive reflective material from side skirts
  • Purchase and install welding cables
  • Wire welder for electric connections at Roundhouse
  • This list will rapidly grow as things are going back together

Upcoming Events

  • The next work sessions for August will be Saturday, 6, Aug 2016, 13 August 2016, and 20 August 2016
  • All work sessions start at 9:30 am.
  • 27 August 2016 is an open house at the roundhouse.  No work session that day.
  • We will need to determine if we will have a work session on September 3rd during labor day weekend.  Dan Pluta might be available then.
  • The next work sessions  for September will be Saturday 10 September, 17 September, 23 September and 30 September
  • Crew Chief Hartschuh may need to take a day or two off in September to be a CVSR pilot for Steam in the Valley

Our new (used) welder arrived this week.

Just add electric connection and welding cables

Hopefully we can get it into operations shortly.

Submitted by Gordon Hartschuh, Crew Chief

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