Private Car Sale to Help with Reading 2100’s Firebox

Former Frisco Business car “Arkansas” was donated to ASR several years ago. The sale of the car will help with the restoration efforts on Reading 2100.

CLEVELAND – A private jet of the gilded age has now found a new home, along with helping the restoration of a steam locomotive at the same time.
    American Steam Railroad has sold former Frisco business car 1100 to Allied Rail Corporation of Ludlow, Kentucky. The heavyweight car, formerly named Arkansas, was built at the turn of the 20th century and served Frisco Railroad officials and guests until the late 1950s. The car’s sale will help aid in the fundraising of the rebuilding of Reading 4-8-4 2100’s firebox.
   “The acquisition of Business Car 1100 is a culmination of opportunities benefiting both Allied Rail Corp and American Steam Railroad business models,” said Andrew Wartman, president of Allied Rail Corp. “Moreover, any opportunity in preserving a piece as unique as business car 1100 or the Reading 2100, is an opportunity in preserving our country’s rich railroad history.”
   American Steam Railroad treasurer Forrest Nace said that he is thankful for the donation of the car several years ago to the organization, and said that restoring passenger equipment is not part of the current business plan for American Steam.
    “Since the opportunity to have another person or organization invest in the car and make it operational, we ensured that it sold to a proper owner so the public can enjoy it once again,” Nace added.
   Future plans are currently being made for 1100, with rehabilitation efforts well underway in preparing the car for its next career in service.
Funds are still being accepted for the firebox work on Reading 2100. Donations can be made by clicking here.