Firing the Steam Locomotive Book




Learn what it takes to be in the left-hand seat of a steam locomotive in this book! This instruction manual was created in 1947 by the Reading Company when steam locomotive technology was at its peak. In it, you’ll learn about how to inspect the fire, how to use different types of coal, and how to correct bad firing conditions. There are also descriptions of various steam locomotive appliances including the stoker, grates, water delivery systems, draft controls, and superheaters.

This is an excellent book for those curious about what it took to keep a big T1 hot and steaming on the mainline, for the hobbyist with live steam engines, or those who just wanted to satisfy their curiosity about how these steel giants worked!

Paperback book, 124 pages with black & white illustrations, diagrams, and photos.
Published by Periscope Film LLC 2013

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