Iron Horse Rambles to West Milton




All aboard for an exciting look of a few of the Reading Iron Horse Rambles filmed on 8mm film in the early 60’s by an amateur railfan photographer who worked for the Reading.

These Rambles traveled through the Anthracite region and beyond, en route to West Milton, passing through Tamaqua, Shamokin and towns in between.

Many long-gone views of the railroad are seen, as well as visits to area coal operations.

The Reading ran a total of 51 “Iron Horse Rambles” from 1959 to 1964. The first Ramble was led by T-1 #2124 on October 25, 1959, with #2124 pulling a 16 car train from Wayne Junction to Shamokin.

The excursions continued using #2124, #2100 and #2102 until the last Ramble was run on October 17th, 1964.

Digitally transferred from 8mm film with synchronized sounds and background music.

Color; Approximately 28 minutes