Roundhouse Work Session Report for – September 10th, 2016

Work Report

The work session today was single minded and to the point.  Our efforts were put toward lapping in the main throttle valves and putting the throttle back together.  All throttle stud threads were chased and cleaned.  The copper gaskets were fitted and secured in place to the throttle heads with ultra copper.  Work still needs to be done on the lapping process so this task has not been completed.  It will continue at the next work session.  The throttle linkage was installed on the engine ready for testing.

The welding of the locomotive drawbar pin retainer was completed.   Various parts, pieces, and tools were located and brought to the locomotive for installation.  Contractors assisted with getting the lapping process started. Dan Pluta continued with inspection of the running gear and will continue with it the next time he is at the roundhouse.  Jason Johnson reviewed and verified boiler UT readings.

The hydro test will likely be scheduled the second weekend of October.


The following volunteers attended Saturday’s work session:

  • Gordon Hartschuh
  • Steve Harvey
  • Eric Kapusta
  • Paul Volosyn
  • Tom Gross
  • Greg Brown


  • Dan Pluta
  • Jason Johnson

Upcoming Work Session Tasks:

The following tasks are planned for upcoming work sessions:

  • Complete a hydrostatic test and fix all detected leaks
  • Drill and tap dry pipe cover for air test fittings
  • Repair dry pipe leak – likely in the elbow coupler
  • Remove dry plate cover once hydro test is completed and Seal up steam dome
  • Install relief valves once hydro test is completed
  • Clean and lap boiler fill check valves
  • Install the water injector
  • Determine plumbing needs for the boiler
  • Clean all journals and axle bearings,
  • Polish axle crank pins
  • Clean up rods and linkages
  • Start to polish linkage arms
  • Secure linkage bolts and install cotter keys
  • Pressure test lubricator output
  • Clean up storage bay in auxiliary tender
  • Pick up the stoker system that is currently in Canada
  • Have our forklift delivered
  • Remove oil tank from tender
  • Determine what is needed to restore coal bunker
  • Install stoker
  • Remove red 3M adhesive reflective material on side skirts
  • This list will rapidly change as things are going back together

Upcoming Events

  • All work sessions start at 9:30 am.
  • The next work sessions will be Saturdays  17 September,  and 1 October, 8 October, 15 October
  • 24 September is a Midwest Open House and there will not be a work session that day.


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