Roundhouse Work Session Report for – September 17th, 2016

Work Report

It was an intense purposeful day at the roundhouse and the rewards were quite gratifying.  The throttle body was still our primary concern and immediate efforts were placed on the throttle rebuild and getting it back together.  A more coarse lapping compound was ordered and volunteers spent all day seating in the valves.  It wasn’t until after lunch that finer compounds were used to start dressing  up the valves.

A limited number of people could work on the throttle at the same time so the remaining volunteers spent time picking tasks that could be completed.  The steam chest water drains were repaired and reinstalled.  Compressor air filters were hung into position.  Insulation was placed in the air intakes of the ash pan to block off cold air flow once a heater is placed in the firebox for the hydro.  The big task was pressure testing of the steam lubricator.  All the oil lines were disconnected and each pump in the lubricator was individually tested to 400-600 psi.  All lines were reconnected and are ready for running.  

It was getting late but the throttle valve lapping was on the last cycle of 220 grit compound and the seats were looking very smooth and shiney.  Everyone was interested enough in seeing the throttle completed that they all stayed late to see it through to completion.  With the lapping complete the valves were seated into the cam lobes,  it took a little effort to find the right order but they all locked into place and cycled open and closed several times.  The valve head studs had previously be chased and cleaned so the valve body heads were put into place and new nuts were installed and tightened down.  The throttle linkage was connected to the engineers stand and tested.  Very smooth.   It was after 7 o’clock so it was well past time to start cleaning up.   It was a very good day of task completions.

Many thanks goes out to today’s volunteers for the extra effort in completing all the tasks that were started.  Everyone went above and beyond today.


The following volunteers attended Saturday’s work session:

  • Gordon Hartschuh
  • Tom Gross
  • Tiffany Saultz
  • Perry Krzyzaniak
  • Rick Engle

Upcoming Work Session Tasks:

The following tasks are planned for upcoming work sessions:

  • Complete a hydrostatic test and fix all detected leaks
  • Drill and tap dry pipe cover for air test fittings
  • Repair dry pipe leak – likely in the elbow coupler
  • Remove dry plate cover once hydro test is completed and Seal up steam dome
  • Install relief valves once hydro test is completed
  • Clean and lap boiler fill check valves
  • Install the water injector
  • Determine plumbing needs for the boiler
  • Clean all journals and axle bearings,
  • Polish axle crank pins
  • Clean up rods and linkages
  • Start to polish linkage arms
  • Secure linkage bolts and install cotter keys
  • Clean up storage bay in auxiliary tender
  • Pick up the stoker system that is currently in Canada
  • Have our forklift delivered
  • Remove oil tank from tender
  • Determine what is needed to restore coal bunker
  • Install stoker
  • Remove red 3M adhesive reflective material on side skirts
  • This list will rapidly change as things are going back together

Upcoming Events

  • All work sessions start at 9:30 am.
  • The next work sessions will be Saturdays  17 September,  and 1 October, 8 October, 15 October
  • 24 September is a Midwest Open House and there will not be a work session that day.

Submitted by Gordon Hartschuh, Crew Chief

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