Fire Up 2100! Febuary 2021 Update

American Steam Railroad President Rob Gardner gives you an update on the recent work done on Reading 2100, including:

  • Work has continued this winter with the ultrasound survey of the boiler. This necessary process is part of the 1472-day inspection required by the Federal Railroad Administration. The boiler has been gridded off, and readings have been done to half of the boiler shell and outer wrapper sheet of the firebox.
  • An anonymous donor has stepped forward and given ASR $2,500 to form and install the two firebrick arch tubes inside the firebox. The two old tubes will be sent down to a fabrication shop to be used as templates for the new ones. This brings the total fundraising needed to complete the firebox down to $11,500.
  • The bell off of Reading 2100 and the three-chime whistle from Frisco 1352 were polished up. Frisco 1352’s whistle was tested in air, where it made a beautiful howl inside the Midwest Railway Preservation Society’s roundhouse.