March 2021 Update

The month of February has kept American Steam Railroad volunteers busy at work on select projects. 

  • The boiler’s ultrasound survey has continued with grids marked, boiler surface cleaned, and readings recorded into a logbook. Currently, both outer firebox side sheets and the vast majority of the boiler barrel have gone through this process. 
  • The sand dome was emptied of its contents. Roughly 20 Home Depot buckets of the gritty stuff were vacuumed out of the dome. This was done so the dome can be lifted by a crane furnished by the Midwest Railway Preservation Society, and ultrasound readings of the boiler can be taken under the dome space. 
  • Staybolts were checked and cleaned in order for them to be welded into the firebox. Welders from a boiler contractor will soon be scheduled this spring to install them.